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Illuminating Ways to Brighten up Your Garden Via Outdoor Lighting

Published by Resource on June 23, 2021 in category: Home Improvement with tags:

Your garden is a labor of love. It not only adds beauty to your home, but creates a spiritual outdoor area. It is the place where you can sit, relax and meditate. But how can you make your garden even more heavenly? With outdoor lighting. 

In fact, outdoor lighting is the key to a paradisiacal garden. However, it is imperative that your garden is large enough for lighting. If your space is too small, you don’t want a close cluster of lights. You want a large enough space to feature a cornucopia of lighting. However, you don’t want lights that are too bright, as they will detract from the areas of your garden you want to highlight. 

Lighting for Safety

Safety is also a good reason for outdoor lighting. If you have outdoor risk areas, this is where you want to use brighter lights for evening hours. You don’t want to trip and injure yourself because you can’t see where you’re going. You won’t have problems finding bright lights, as they are available at various intensities. 

Solar Lights

Solar outdoor lighting is not only important for the aesthetic of your outdoor areas, but the safety of your home. It is a perfect way to utilize the energy from the sun to power your outdoor lights. They can help you tame the energy of the sun to brighten your garden, and are very efficient. 

Although the initial cost can be significant, solar outdoor lighting will pay for itself over time by reducing your electrical costs, making them a great investment. They are easy to install, and some are battery-operated. 

Solar-powered lights work through a solar radiation that travels through the glass. This light is then converted to electricity by a lamp, so the lamp can run off the power of the solar bulb. Typically, these types of lights require a minimum of nine volts to operate. Some solar lamps have a built-in solar panel that collects the free energy of the sun to stay charged. 

Solar-powered lights cost anywhere from $40 to $75. They can be found at most garden stores or online. Do some Internet research to find the best ones at the most affordable price. Once installed, they will make your garden look magical. 

Ideas for Creating Artistic Solar Lighting Situations Outside

  • Task lighting — For high-traffic areas around your home, such as the path leading to your garage or deck, you can stay minimal and utilize ambient lighting for when it’s dark. However, for large-scale lighting needs, such as a performance stage near a building or to highlight the construction site of a new home for a famous person, don’t be afraid to go big and burn bright with a crowd of outdoor solar lights. 
  • Accent lighting — This type of lighting is ideal for highlighting your front door, an alluring plant or your well-manicured garden. Accent lights can also highlight entire areas with strategic placement, thus flooding it with light. For example, if you have an enticing hanging plant you want to showcase, accent lighting is a great way to achieve that desire. However, when it comes to accent lighting, ensure that you are not making the lighting look too ostentatious by using gaudy-looking lights. Ideally, you want to create enough balance between your different lighting features.
  • Underwater lights — There are a plethora of lights that can be used for underwater applications. LED lights, for instance, look and work great underwater. Additionally, these lights are designed to withstand the negative effects of salt water, and some LED lights have been developed specifically for underwater use.
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