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The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has inspired a sense of urgency for notTechnician cleaning retail storeonly people but property owners in the city of Tampa. While most attention has been paid to individuals, we can’t forget the impact coronavirus has on property owners. Besides lost revenue from reduced foot traffic, it’s likely government-mandated shutdowns have already occurred. Give us a call at 813-280-0696 and see how we can help you with covid-19 cleaning services in Tampa.

Even with a shutdown in process, there are ways to ensure we all move past this problem sooner rather than later. One such thing is to utilize sanitization and disinfection protocols. This is actually necessary since coronavirus is known to “remain viable for hours to days on the surface.” As such, the need for professional sanitization and disinfection services has never been higher for property owners. Treating your building now while everyone away helps make sure everyone remains protected from COVID-19 when they come back.

Detailing the Risk

Anyone that is elderly, pregnant, or has an otherwise compromised immune system is at an increased risk for the most severe symptoms of coronavirus. Unfortunately, this includes kidney failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and even death. However, even previously considered safer people have been shown to be at risk.

The reason for this is because coronavirus takes a minimum of 14 days to cause symptoms in otherwise healthy people. That’s a long time to be at risk, which is why the only truly viable solution is to hire the services of trained IICRC certified technicians to perform the needed sanitization and disinfection services.

Our Sanitization Process

There are also covid-19 cleaning companies in Tampa, but our specialistsSanitization techs - business are IICRC certified at 911 Restoration of Tampa are ready to provide professional commercial and residential sanitization services. We deliver a comprehensive service that handles your concerns whether it’s office deep cleaning or standard home sanitization and disinfection solutions. Give us a call at 813-280-0696 and we will answer your phone call no matter the time of day.

As part of our sanitization process, we begin with a decontaminating solution that is designed to neutralize all traces of bacteria on the premises. After we have neutralized the treated area, we start working on our cleanup process to ensure nothing is left behind. 

Your health and wellbeing are important to us, which is why every single technician remains current on the latest CDC and EPA protocols. Every 911 Restoration franchise is locally owned while backed by nationwide resources. We know what you’re going through because we’re going through this too. With us, you can depend on us delivering a Fresh Start you and everyone else in Tampa needs.

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