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Mold Removal in Tampa

Tampa is anything but dry. And while residents have the subtropical climate to thankWater Damage Restoration Van for the gorgeous natural environment, regular rainfall comes with a heavy threat to local properties. And with this rainfall in Tampa, comes the possibility that you’ll need mold removal. 

That threat is mold—the rapidly-growing fungus that can permanently damage your property and wreak havoc on your health. Fortunately, even in the warm, wet climate of Tampa and Saint Petersburg, the right mold remediation company can keep your home or business safe. Give us a call at 813-280-0696 and see how we can help you out.

Trustworthy Mold Removal Services and Support

When you call 911 Restoration of Tampa, you get immediate, comprehensive service from compassionate technicians. The mold removal specialists are all highly trained and IICRC certified ready to provide mold removal service in Tampa. They know how devastating mold damage can be. It’s overwhelming to face an infestation that hides in your walls, basement, and crawl spaces. Mold contamination can make you feel less at peace in your home and less empowered in your place of business.

Because they know all this, they also know how to bring you peace of mind.

When our mold remediation staff visits your property, they inspect the entire space from top to bottom. They exercise extreme caution to safely eradicate the infestation and take extra steps to prevent future growth or property damage.

From the first inspection to the final handshake, 911 Restoration of Tampa focuses on one single goal: setting you a clear path to a Fresh Start.

Call us today at 813-280-0696 and let us make mold a thing of the past.

Eliminating The Threat Of Mold Spores After Heavy Rain

While mold spores are an ever-present element in the air around you,911 Restoration Water Damage they don’t have to become an unavoidable threat. When you understand how mold develops and spreads throughout your home, you know when to reach out to a professional mold company for inspection, prevention, and remediation.

Property owners in Tampa, Bradenton, and the surrounding area should be especially vigilant about potential mold contamination. The heavy rainfall and tropical storms of the wet season can cause house flooding and ceiling leaks. The result is moisture pooling in the dark corners of your home or business, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Those typically harmless spores in the air gather on water-damaged surfaces. Within 24-48 hours, you’ve got a mold infestation.

This is why the expert technicians of 911 Restoration include mold inspection as part of their water flood clean-up. They don’t consider your water-related incident fully resolved until they’ve removed both the water and the threat of future damages from mold.

Whether you contact 911 Restoration for emergency water damage restoration or you reach out only after discovering a mold colony in your property, our dedicated technicians work quickly to resolve your situation. They know how quickly mold can form and spread, destroying your walls and flooring. They also know that toxic species like black mold pose a legitimate threat to your health and happiness.

Mold may thrive in this damp, muggy climate, but it’s still no match for expert training and professional efficiency. Call us at 813-280-0696 and let our dependable staff ensure expert removal for a mold damage restoration in Tampa, today and into the future.

Tampa’s Top Mold Specialists

Mold may feel like a household nuisance that can be managed with a fewWater Damage Restoration Repair household cleaners and a rag.

The truth is that mold removal is far more complicated, and it requires a trained eye and a professional skill set. Not to mention, scrubbing at toxic molds can release mycotoxins and other hazardous particles into the air.

Our mold remediation technicians can locate colonies you didn’t even know were there. They know where to look for hidden infestations and how to identify the signs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a colony hidden within your wall or slimy mold inside your pipes. The mold decontamination professionals will find it.

Then, they extract a sample, careful to avoid spreading mold spores or inhaling toxins. For your peace of mind, each sample is tested and identified at a third-party laboratory. Once the techs know exactly what type of mold they’re dealing with, they begin mold cleanup, including structural drying and dehumidifying to prevent future contamination.

If your property has suffered water damage, or if you’re concerned there may be mold in your home, don’t put off contacting a mold remediation specialist. We have IICRC-certified and highly trained mold remediation specialists in Tampa. The team at 911 Restoration of Tampa offers mold removal at a limited cost to you . . . and with expertise like theirs, you can rest assured your results will be worth every penny.

We know how daunting mold removal can seem. At 911 Restoration, we do everything we can to make your Fresh Start easy and inevitable. 


911 Restoration of Tampa is located at 501 South Falkenburg Rd, Suite D5, Tampa, FL 33619. Call us at (813) 280-0696.

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