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Mold Removal Tampa

Owner of 911 Restoration of Tampa, Tomas Lelczuk, prides himself on providing fast and affordable mold removal services to all the citizens of Tampa, Florida.

Water Damage Restoration Technician In CrawlspaceHe knows that a fast response is a better response. “Feeling fluey is often a symptom of a fungus infection. On top of that, irritable skin and breathing problems are also signs that you’re living with mold.” Tomas explains.

Our response time of within 45 Minutes and our same day service is exactly what home owners need in the face of mold concerns.

All year long is mold season, so the mold removal Tampa team is available, 24/7 365 days of the year.

If homeowners are concerned they should give us a call for a free home mold inspection,” Tomas says.

We are here to put you back on track with our fresh start attitude.  Everyone deserves a second change and a brand new tomorrow, so call 911 Restoration today!

Where Mold Lives

Mold spores live all around us in the air and on the surfaces of our homes. “For the most part the small amount of mold we breathe from the air isn’t a big deal. When they clump together in dark humid corners, and produce more spores, is when they are a threat to human health.”

Water Damage In BasementThis is why Tomas recommends homeowners check for signs of water damage, as undetected moisture can allow mold proliferation to go unchecked.

Areas where pipes run are most at risk because of the frequency of a pipe sweating, or leaking, which adds to the humidity mold thrives on.

“Typically, your bathroom tile mold only needs a quick bleach bath and the problem can remain solved. However, the most severe cases of fungus infestations are behind sheetrock or in basements,” Tomas elaborates.

If superficial mold seems to be protruding from damaged sheetrock then the homeowner should not brush or disturb it without spraying it with a form of disinfectant.

“Moving it just a little without killing it can send spores all over your home, which will spread the problem. Customers can depend on our mold removal Tampa team to safely handle mold remediation,” Tomas exclaims.

Fungus Remediation

Without a doubt, the professionals at 911 Restoration can be entrusted with the task of halt mold. For example, the mold removal Tampa team consists of IICRC certified technicians, which make us the leading provider of mold removal services.

Water Damage Restoration At Residential Job SiteMoreover, our mold removal Tampa team is equipped with humidity detectors and fungus tests to detect and identify mold.

To illustrate, a hidden pipe leak behind a wall is found using an infrared camera.. Once finding the moisture, we check for mold, fix the leak, and use dehumidifiers to dry the space to curb the mold growth present.

While the techniques to find mold are the same, the battle plans to remove it differ. This is why testing for mold is critical. A bleaching technique will not be as effective on black mold as it is on pink mold.

On top of that, homeowner safety is our number one priority, thus, classifying the danger mold possesses is crucial to protecting the customer.Finally, our restoration efforts limit future mold growth because we use antibacterial materials that mold has difficulty thriving on.

From the smallest amounts of mold, to the most severe populations, 911 Restoration Tampa is here for you. So give our mold removal Tampa team with 911 Restoration Tampa a call if you are having problems breathing easy, our experts will be there in a flash today!

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I thank you all very much for standing in the gap for me in different areas where I could not be, particularly with this appointment this morning. I don't feel I'm dealing with contractors, I feel I'm dealing with family. I have no doubt what so ever that you are going to make that little condo look beautiful.

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