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5 Kitchen safety tips to prevent water & fire damage

Published by 911 Restoration Tampa on April 1, 2022 in category: Fire Safety Tips

Water & fire damageCooking is a valuable skill since it enables individuals to make needed food for themselves. On the other hand, cooking can be dangerous and cause fire damage if you’re not cautious. Screw-ups in the kitchen may quickly lead to a fire because of the heat, oils, and high temperatures. As a result, the safety and security of your kitchen are a top priority. When making dinner, no one wants to cause a fire in the house.

It’s common to assume that a busted pipe or a torrential rainstorm caused water damage to property. Interestingly, water damage in your house might be caused by leaky kitchen machines, which are easily fixable with daily servicing. There are several chances of leakage, like we always use our dishwashers, refrigerators, kitchen sinks, exposed pipes, and freezers. The most frequent sources of water & fire damage are faulty kitchen electronic appliances.

Follow these safety tips to prevent water & fire damage:


5 Kitchen Safety Tips to Prevent Water Damage

When water seeps into the kitchen, it may cause significant damage and the development of mildew and mold. Sometimes minor drips can lead to severe water damage. To prevent water damage, follow this guideline to check the functioning of your appliances.

     1. Must Read the Manual Guide Before Using an Appliance

Monthly servicing for each item differs based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. The owner’s guidebook specifies how often some aspects of an appliance should be checked or repaired. Spend time looking out for stagnant water beneath and near an appliance and moisture, mold, and mildew development.

      2. You Must Inspect All Seals and Gaskets

Moisture and humidity buildup may cause leaks in appliances that have been poorly sealed. It reduces the lifespan of electrical appliances and increases your monthly power cost. Appliances with damaged seals may also reduce their efficiency. Replace or repair any seals or gaskets which have holes, rips, or fractures in them.

     3. You Should Check Water Line for Any Leaks

Several appliances, such as ice machines refrigerators, rely on the water supply pipe. Flexible supply tubes have a limited shelf life than other tubes, despite being better at resisting rust or corrosion. There are several ways it might degrade, crack, or explode. If the tubing has to be repaired or replaced, do so. Replace your tubes with stainless steel if you want them to last forever. When the tubes get misaligned or readily dislodged, consider changing their size. Tubing’s efficiency might be affected by being too short or too long.

     4. Ensure that all of your appliances are leveled 

Ensure that appliances are balanced and leveled once they are connected. Appliances can malfunction and drip water if they are not balanced. Simply leveling the device on one side using a spacer may save your time and effort in the long run. Simply leveling the device on one side using a spacer may save your time and effort in the long run.

Preventative measures are essential in water damage since they are in most cases. One must be able to prevent problems with your kitchen equipment.

     5. Try Painting The Area Below the Sink

Some people don’t care or worry about painting underneath the sink since it’s hidden from view; however, it could be an excellent idea. A minor leakage from the faucet may cause significant harm to the woodwork if left unchecked for multiple days. However, when you apply a couple of layers of paint, you’ll offer an additional layer of defense. Repainting the exterior with a waterproof finish is also recommended. If a few drops fall on the wood, the waterproof coat will prevent it from decaying.


5 Kitchen Safety Tips to Prevent Fire Damage

Follow this list of kitchen safety rules and tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from fire damage:

     1. Do Not Use Faulty Appliances or Equipment

Whenever utilizing any appliances or equipment, make sure they are in excellent working condition. Check all the kitchen and electrical equipment’s cables, wiring, and connectors for fraying or broken connections. To prevent the risk of fire damage, don’t utilize any items that show symptoms of deterioration. Rather than keeping them, toss them and substitute them with better ones.

     2. Inspect the Food Being Prepared

Avoid leaving the food alone during preparation. Anyone can avoid fire damage if the cooking is constantly monitored.

It’s indeed possible to create a grease fire by leaving a pot of frying oil on the burner for too long. The grease fire may swiftly spread when no one monitors the stove or burner. 

      3.  Dress Professionally

Feeling comfortable when cooking is necessary; however, you need to think about what you’re wearing while in the kitchen. When cooking, long hair, baggy clothes, and fittings are particularly prone to catching fire. Therefore, go for more tailored attire and stop using loose clothes. Clip back your hair, especially if it’s long.

     4. Make sure that explosive objects are kept away from the stove

Keep the explosive objects and combustible materials stored in a safe location in the kitchen away from the stove. Even if you’d like to have your potholders and oven mitts close by. Keeping them in a safe place away from the stove can prevent the risk of fire damage.

     5. Stay Cautious of Boiling or Frying Items

Please remember to cover yourself adequately while working in the kitchen with pans and pans from the burner or stove; utilize oven mitts and potholders. If you don’t, you might injure yourself or cause a more severe accident if you lose the object.


The Bottom Line

If you’re unable to fight the fire on your own, contact the fire brigade and let them put it out immediately. As soon as the fire has been out, contact a restoration company for immediate assistance to handle the water & fire damage. 911 restoration of Tampa, Florida, provide pre-cleaning services to prevent irreparable destruction, material cleaning, repair and restoration, and disinfecting.

We will help you restore and repair your home to a safe and clean atmosphere with the help of skilled professionals.

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