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Mold Remediation in Tampa

sewage-equipment-water-damage-restorationTampa has a lot of beauty to offer local property owners, but it definitely comes at a price. The community has wet weather to thank for the gorgeous natural surroundings…and to blame for the prevalence of mold.

If you have pipe mold, ceiling mold, or even just the suspicion that mold is growing in your walls, it’s important to reach out for a professional mold inspection right away. And for mold remediation attic in Tampa, your best bet is 911 Restoration, give us a phone call at 813-280-0696 and see how we can help you out.

In our mold remediation business in Tampa, we provide service by IICRC certified and highly trained to ensure an accurate mold inspection and safe, complete mold removal. They not only get rid of your infestation. They also manage repairs for mold damage restoration in Tampa. This includes removing contaminated carpet, replacing destroyed drywall, and repairing wood structures and flooring. 911 Restoration of Tampa is licensed, insured, and bonded.

Mold is a more insidious organism than it seems, eating away at the structures of your home or business and releasing toxins into the air you breathe. Even if your infestation seems harmless for you, your and your family’s safety depends on immediate, professional mold remediation. 

If you need mold damage restoration in Tampa or the surrounding area, decontamination is easier than you think. Just call 911 Restoration at 813-280-0696 and let our friendly mold remediation experts take this burden off your shoulders.

Cleaning Mold Due To Water Damage

Hazmat-suit-water-damage-restoration-repair If you’ve experienced recent water damage, you must get a professional mold inspection as soon as possible. Mold spores are always in the air around you, even in the cleanest property. And it’s mind-boggling how quickly those spores find a damp place to land. From there, it only takes 24-48 hours for innocent mold spores to create a thriving infestation.

The mold decontamination specialists at 911 Restoration are also certified in water damage restoration. This means they understand how the structures of your home or business absorb moisture and where mold is likeliest to grow and spread. If you have a mold colony, you can be sure their mold inspection will uncover it.

Once they detect mold, your mold cleanup crew takes careful steps to handle mold removal in a manner that prevents the spread of spores throughout your home or business. This is especially crucial for local properties, as damp surfaces are fairly common in Tampa’s climate. That’s also why the mold removal workers dehumidify the structures where mold was found. If those surfaces remain damp, you’re at risk of another infestation and another round of mold cleanup.

If your mold infestation has been around for a while, it may have caused some destruction. Mold feeds off of organic materials such as wood, paper, and even glue. You might have ruined floorboards, a weak spot in your ceiling, or unsightly blemishes in your wallpaper. No matter what the damage may be, your mold removal crew is trained to make the necessary repairs.

The ultimate goal of 911 Restoration is to provide mold removal service in Tampa and beyond. This means doing more than getting rid of an infestation. This means repairing your property and protecting it against future growth.

If you’re ready to put mold contamination in your past, call 911 Restoration of Tampa at 813-280-0696 for a Fresh Start.

Certified Toxic Mold Experts In Tampa

The mold remediation experts of 911 Restoration ask only one thing of you:

Please do not try to handle mold decontamination yourself.

As tempting as it may be, truly safe mold removal requires expert knowledge and professional equipment. Some varieties of mold can be highly toxic. When you attempt mold cleanup on your own, you put yourself in unnecessary direct contact with dangerous mycotoxins. You are also unlikely to truly get rid of mold using common household cleaners.

For true mold decontamination, call on a certified mold removal expert. The mold remediation team at 911 Restoration are able to identify types of mold and devise a strategy for safe mold removal. They even take the extra step of having mold tested at a third-party laboratory for scientific identification. When they conduct mold decontamination, they do so with the full understanding of what risks that colony poses and how they can remove it from your home and business with little risk to you, your family, or your employees.

Mold may seem like nothing more than an eyesore, but in truth, it’s a destructive force that threatens both you and your property. To preserve your health and guard the home or business you’ve worked so hard to build, call 911 Restoration of Tampa today at 813-280-0696.

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