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Water Damage Tampa: Death Metal and Water Damage in the Sunshine State

Published by 911 Restoration Tampa on July 24, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags:

Tampa is known worldwide as the birthplace of American death metal. In the 1980’s bands like Morbid Angel, Obituary and Death led the burgeoning scene with the most extreme music in the metal underground. With all of that screaming, yelling and aggression it’s interesting to speculate on what exactly pushed these musicians to express themselves with blood-curdling growls and breakneck speed blast beats. Could it have been the type of water damage that only the best water damage Tampa company can handle? It’s certainly possible, for the feelings of frustration when your home floods can be unparalleled. Let’s take a look at what might have fueled the iconic works of the Tampa death metal scene.

Obituary’s Slowly We Rot and the Slow Pipe Leak

Obituary was one of the leading bands of the Tampa scene, and with their 1984 album they laid down what would become the movement’s signature sound. Titled Slowly We Rot, perhaps vocalist John Tardy had a serious beef with wood rot and mold. And the word “slowly” implies that he discovered this vile damage in the wake of a small, slow pipe leak that went unnoticed for far too long. That would be enough to set anyone on a path of extreme music making that continues to this day. Save your property, and your vocal cords, from the perils of water damage by keeping a vigilant eye on your plumbing. Even the smallest leak can cause significant damage and require professional water damage restoration services.

Death, Disease and Raw Sewage

Chuck Schuldiner, generally regarded as “the father of death metal,” formed his band Death in Orlando but set up shop in Tampa to record their debut Scream Bloody Gore in 1987. With song titles including “Regurgitated Guts”, Schuldiner was lyrically fixated on disease and illness. Perhaps he experienced a sewage backup scenario in his home and had to battle the disease-carrying black water from a toilet overflow through his music. Exposure to raw sewage can lead to diarrhea and vomiting, hence Chuck’s regurgitation theme, and that’s just on the mild end of the spectrum. Some pathogens in black water can cause serious long-term diseases and even death. It’s always best to leave sewage cleanup to a certified professional.

Chuck Learns a Lesson

By 1988 it appears that Chuck and his band mates in Death had learned a thing or two about staying safe during a water emergency. 1988’s Leprosy includes the signature tune “Pull the Plug”, which is sound advice during any flood scenario. We all know that water and electricity are a bad mix, so we should all remember to pull the plug on our appliances if we can do so safely. Better yet, you can even turn off the electricity at the main breaker. Thanks for the tip, Chuck!

While Tampa’s death metal scene could surely have been born out of the frustration and anger that comes with facing serious water damage, it’s important to remember that there were lessons to be learned as well. Keep a close eye on your plumbing, stay safe, and leave the dirty work to a professional restoration company!

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